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  • DATE

    Oct. 2013 - Present

  • ROLE

    Web Design

    Graphic Design

    Content Management


Casio Musicgear is a subsidary of Casio Inc. and is a worldwide leader of electronic musical instruments. Everything from small compact keyboards, to electronic grand pianos, there is something for every skill level.


Designing to make sure that the website has its own idenity, but not so much so that it strays completely away from the Corporate brand. Focusing on the product pages and e-commerce is also of great importance as they are what drive the site more than anything.


Large, detailed images help to show each product and how it can be used. Main features are put front and center so that a consumer knows the most important information very quickly. Every product also contains full spec sheet should someone want to see absolutely everything a product has to offer. Banners are made to showcase the newest and greatest that the brand has to offer.

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