casio work
  • DATE

    Oct. 2013 - Present

  • ROLE

    Web Design

    Graphic Design

    Content Creation


This is the corporate website of Casio America. A US subsidiary of Japanese electronics giant CASIO COMPUTER, the company markets products ranging from hand-held computers, calculators, electronic keyboards, and its popular G-SHOCK and high-end Edifice watch lines.


Designing with strict restrictions as all corporate sites around the world need to be visually cohesive. Creating graphics that illustrate the look and feel of the sub-brands, while maintaing the integrity of the corporate site. Making sure that all graphics or page layouts promote e-commerce first and foremost.


Always making sure to not stray too far from the corporate template and to always keep that look consistent. Sticking to the branding with the sub-brands and making sure designs don't distract too much is very important. The balancing act of those two elements is what contributes to the sites success.

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